Friday, May 31, 2013

its a Goodle... Google Doodles getting... a little to informative

May 31 celebrates the birthday of one Julius Richard Petr, the man who invented the petri dish (Julius ol' chap scientists everywhere thank you). Now how does this relate to Google you may ask yourself, well in a mean of celebrating this event and letting people know what this day signifies Google mad one of their fun doodles.

okay, I'm curious lets press play!


Oh! it's a hand swabbing the little petri dishes, okay then?

So bacteria starts to grow, appears light at first then gets darker. Let's inspect it!
>Hovers over the petri dishes<

hovering over each one shows you where that particular bacteria is found!

Agreed, bacteria is every where, but if we had to be conscious of it all the time... we would live in a world full of germaphobes! 
We would walk around like this:

Play Sport like this:

Its a nice day out, lets go swimming! (what a bout bacteria?) oh no worries i carried my swimming bubble

what about high fashion?

oh... its been done...

lol (just for laughs)  have a good day...

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