Thursday, January 17, 2013

Echidna.... some freaky hedge hog looking animal

Here's something cute, squishy, completely adorable and has a multi-headed penis.... WTF?! but yeah... its true!

Article in io9True facts about the baby echidna, the most adorable creature on Earth with a four-headed penis  Robert T. Gonzalez

Here now is the latest installment in Ze Frank's always entertaining, occasionally scientifically accurate "facts about _______" nature series. To date, Frank has covered hedgehogs,anglerfish, and now baby echidnas, a.k.a. "puggles," a.k.a. baby Max Rebo.


So they censored most of it, so I searched and found the uncensored footage. (Warning: contains more uncensored four-headed penises). Its freaky so, if you get weird-ed out easily, please don't watch this. 

Okay so I sort of feel bad for the poor thing cause its almost like the zoologist is sexually assaulting that poor animal... 

Nature is... strange!

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