Saturday, January 19, 2013

Comical Irony-Barney and Friends: Creators son tries to kill neighbour

Remember them?

Well the creator of the popular children's TV show Sheryl Leach has found herself in a bit of a jam when her son Patrick Leach was arrested for attempted murder when he shot his neighbor over a long going feud. Guess he didn't pick up any of the "love your neighbors  and "peace for all" values his mommy's show drilled into the kids of that time... ironic isn't it.

 Neetzan Zimmerman, Gawker.comInvestigators say Leach was involved in a dispute over a "trespassing issue" with his neighbor Eric Shanks, when the former reportedly shot the latter in the chest, causing a non-life-threatening injury.
Shanks subsequently called 911, and waited in front of his house for law enforcement to arrive. Leach, meanwhile, tried to make a getaway in his black SUV, but was tracked down and apprehended.
He was booked on a charge of attempted murder, but was able to bail out on a $1 million later that day.

Huffington PostSheryl Leach has worked on the "Barney" series since it first aired in the '90s. She is credited with having worked as a producer on the 2012 video, "Barney: Clean Up, Clean Up!," on IMDb.
This is the second incident to rock the world of PBS in recent weeks.
Former "Sesame Street" puppeteer Kevin Clash, the man behind the beloved character Elmo, resigned in November amid sex abuse allegations claiming he had engaged in sexual relations with underage males. He has since been sued by four individuals.
Makes you doubt everything your childhood had to offer doesn't it....

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