Thursday, July 24, 2014

War is War... Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - by a concerned human being

Israel, a nation full of history, culture and constant conflict. If you look at the map (below) You can see Israel marked in pink.

For years there have been great debate even severe conflict over Gaza and which nation it belongs to.

Ive noticed how the world responds to these attacks recently by Israel on Gaza. People are going crazy, but hello... this fight has been going on for more that a decade with casualties on both sides piled up by the hundreds. Some were some how there is a conspiracy brewing. How can you tell, you may ask me... well lets look at it. In 2000 attacks by Hamas (Hamas, a known terrorist organization founded by Islamic Palestine) on Israel in response to their occupying Gaza and West bank. Many were killed and Hundreds injured as well as hundreds of children suffering from PTSD as a result of the bombings ( "Sderot traumatic stress center sees steep rise in new patients". Ha'aretz. 21 May 2007.).

Now as a Christian, I may feel a certain allegiance to Israel, but war is war no matter which countries are involved... This makes me think of the movie 300, its sequel started of with a narrative by the Spartan Queen Gorgo starts by explaining war begins, like any other war, with a grievance. Now Like I said at the top of this post Israel has always been in conflict, but they managed to come to some sort of peace with the surrounding conflicting nations but not with Palestine, this conflict goes back to bible days. Both sides have been attacking bombing and being all sorts of nasty to each other over many many years. 

What annoys me most is this suddenly became so public... pictures of dead children, graphic bloody pictures that were heartbreaking have flooded every social networking site. One individual even stated that Israel should not exist... they all should be wiped out... that same individual stated that this isnt war... its murder! 
Hello people... war and murder, death, innocent people dying, they go hand in hand. I have never heard of a war were people havent been killed... have you? Has there ever been a peaceful war?

Its heart breaking when people who are innocent have to lose their lives both in Israel and in Palestine. But saying one nation should be eradicated, citizens and all... now that murderous talk...

Some Facts...
According to BBC News (Jan 2006) When the Islamic party Hamas won the January 2006 Palestinian legislative election, gaining a majority of seats in the Palestinian Legislative Council, the conflict between Israel and Gaza intensified. Israel sealed its border with the Gaza Strip, largely preventing free flow of people and many imports and exports. Palestinians have been shooting Qassam rockets at Israeli settlements located near the Gaza borders, and have staged cross-border raids aimed at killing or capturing Israeli soldiers. In one such raid, on 25 June 2006, Palestinians captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, leading to massive retaliation by the Israeli army which included air strikes against Hamas targets.

So on the news there has been comments on how Israel controls Palestines movements... But from what the news and books published on said subject states that Israel prohibits movement passed their own borders. Which according to public opinion is so wrong... they should not do that... but hello many countries restrict free movements of people from neighboring countries into their own...

I took some time to read up on the developments and conflicts between Palestine-Israel, which is also known as the conflict between Gaza-Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict. 

Before i conclude... dear people... don't make this a religious war! It is so offensive to do so... 

- Humanity is Failing

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