Monday, July 14, 2014

DIY Monday: Hooded Scarf

Source : Lianne Li (Aliennation)

 Using a simple light weight material you can achieve this look easy...peasy!

All you would need is:

> A large piece of material

> A pair of sharp scissors

> A needle and thread that matches your material.

> A hooded jacket (for the shape)

> A few pins and chalk

And that's it, method is simple...

> Fold your material in half, with the inside area of your hood facing outward. (All stitching will be done on this area, then when you invert it, it will look nice and neat).

> Fold you hooded jacket in half (the fold must run along the stitches of your hood)

> Lay your hood on the material and trace it out

> Use your pins to hold the material together along your trace

> When you cut the material cut it a centimeter away from your trace so you will have room to sew.

For a step by step tutorial (with pictures) go here ----> Click Here

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