Thursday, June 21, 2012

Movie News


  1. The Happy FamilyThe Happy Family
    We hadn't been seeing much from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, the final installment of Stephenie Meyer's book turned movie franchise, until now. But boy, do we have a lot to show you now. MovieLine collected a slew of pictures from the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly that show Bella and Edward's child Renesmee, the vampire clans that come to witness her unusual progression, and Bella having fun with her own newfound powers by challenging Emmett to an arm wrestling match.
  2. Jacob and RenesmeeJacob and Renesmee
    Taylor Lautner's Jacob and 11-year-old Mackenzie Foy's Renesmee have an awkward chat about imprinting.
  3. Does She Need Protection?Does She Need Protection?
    I wonder if Renesmee is going to be this age at the beginning of the film or if they have a younger actress to show how quickly she grows.
  4. The Happy (?) FamilyThe Happy (?) Family
    You can come up with your own captions for this awkward family photo.
  5. Fashionable Bella and RenesmeeFashionable Bella and Renesmee
    Interesting how Bella starts wearing makeup and dressing like a fashionista after she's turned. Even when she's camping.
  6. Eleazar and CarmenEleazar and Carmen
    Two members of the Denali Coven we saw in Breaking Dawn Part 1.
  7. Senna and ZafrinaSenna and Zafrina
    The Amazon Coven (minus Kachiri) examining Renesmee. I'm super interested to see how much we actually get of all the covens and their power sets. I'm guessing a lot since there's not much story left to tell.
  8. Kate and TanyaKate and Tanya
    Also of the Denali Coven.
  9. Jane and AlecJane and Alec
    Those troublemakers.
  10. Emmett and BellaEmmett and Bella
    Possibly my most anticipated scene in the entire film. Bella exploring her new strengths.
    Breaking Dawn Part 2 hits theaters November 16.

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