Friday, June 15, 2012

Decorating Tips #1

Decorating your favourite room can really be a dreaded task especially when you are like me... when it comes to decorating a room my head is all over the place.
I have soo many different influences when it comes to style, be it wall colour, ceiling colour, whether to go with blinds or curtains, tiles, wooden floors or carpeting. my greatest fear is having to living in a room which is so contrasting it makes my head hurt. Then it dawned on me... I needed to make an informed decision on this important.

An interesting website caught my attention. Etsy, an interesting place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage and supplies. Some really beautiful, unique and really bizzare items that can really give your space a rocking touch. From the Vintage look to Furniture that goes from drab to fab. 

For the touch of darkness to your décor try Dark Decors by Ametista. They brag, Making the Mundane Magical,  so see if that floats your boat.

All of Etsy's product can be added to your shopping cart which is awarded to you after you 
register. On site using your email or sign up using facebook. 

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