Sunday, March 10, 2013

Welcome to the Future!!!

Well augmented reality is a term we hearing more and more these days, its applied into most technologies available these days, however something WOW is coming... better than anything you could expect. its called.... wait for it.... GOOGLE GLASS!!! Have the world at your fingertips!

The guys at The Verge got to test drive this new contraption... lets see what they found out...

 Okay so thats all cool right heres the promo video


I dont think this is right but..... applied into other dull situations google glass will come in handy!
(Just for laughs)


Sadly not everyone shares the excitement... Google glass, said to only be launched end of 2013, has already been banned *i mean wth is up with that* Mail Online
Not welcome: Google Glass isn't yet available in stores but that hasn't stopped a Seattle bar from posting a sign on their Facebook page banning them from patrons wearing them inside 

Seattle dive bar becomes first to ban Google Glasses over privacy fears


Google Glass isn't even on the market yet but a Seattle dive bar has already banned them from its users ever stepping foot inside.

The 5 Point Café posted a sign for its patrons this week reading that 'a** kickings will be encouraged for violators' of their new rule while mutually boasting of being the first establishment to ban them in the city.

Bar owner Dave Meinert says his decision is done half-jokingly for a reaction but half for privacy as well.

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