Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentines day Countdown

10 Days left... Didn't get your special someone a gift? No worries, over the next 10 days you'll be seeing some easy DIY gifts that is guaranteed to put a smile on your special someone's dial! And the create thing is that with a little thought these DIY's could be unisex and be applied to almost any special occasion.

I found the cutest DIY on, a scratch card with a special treat, activity, suggestion, coupon... be creative!

A Year of Valentines (with DIY scratch-offs)

you'll need...

    * blank monthly 
       Valentine's notes  
     ( Here's a link to the printable!)
     * coordinating scrapbook
        paper (optional)
     * silver metallic 
         acrylic paint
     * dishwashing liquid
     * clear contact paper

1.  Cut out your cards and write a monthly activity on each one.

2.  Next, attach your Valentines to some pretty paper.

3.  Then you'll want to cover the fronts of your cards with contact paper.  You could just  peeled off the paper backing, set my cards face down, then cut them out.

4.  Now for the fun part ~ turning them into scratch-offs! Mix together a bit of your acrylic paint and the dish-washing soap. You can mix about two parts paint to one part soap.

5.  Then just paint the mixture onto your card where you want the scratch off part to be.  A foam brush gives great coverage and only needs one coat. When done set aside to dry.

And your're done!

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Online Funnies: Craziest Receipts

Apparantly till slip errors are more frequent in America... which means... more online funnies for us to enjoy accross the world! Brought to you by the Huffpost Comedy division, here are some pictures thats sure to put a smile on your dial!

has to be a typo... or is it?

too stoned to give your name

wow... only $4

ah Discounts....

They do that at spas these days....


Ripping of drunk people at bottle stores..... smart... they wont remember you anyway

when you arent nice to your waitors....


Friday, February 1, 2013

Art: Something Amazing in the world

The world is full of talented people who can do things that are so original and never seen before it could just make you sit back and think wow! In China there is a traditional art called Sugar Painting. Art work created by caramelized sugar...

See how its done!